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The Brief

Mansley Serviced Apartments are a long-established operator in the hospitality sector with premium properties across the UK.

After a successful two years working together on marketing/sales projects Mansley wanted to engage Sibbald Digital to revamp their website. It was clear the Mansley website was underperforming vs. industry benchmarks. Further to this the website did not clearly illustrate the grandeur of the locations themselves. Mansley approached us to reinvent their digital brand presence with a key goal to drive direct bookings.

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Our Solution

To remodel the presence of such a prestigious company whilst accomplishing such a specific goal we needed to fully audit the Mansley website and brand presence.

It became clear that both the UX and visual appearance were key factors in the underperformance of the site.

The logo initially used uninviting, dark, heavy colours and there was no feel of brand consistency throughout all media. We reinvented the Mansley maypole graphic synonymous with the brand into a clean and modernistic new logo and developed a full identity system optimised for all media applications, complete with colours, fonts, pattern and illustrated elements. Further to this we created a visual language specific to each location whilst maintaining the cohesive brand throughout as a result of each location having its own signature character and identity.

The site was then put through a rigorous UX Design & Wireframing process, built in a way to engross users along a journey finally leading to a clear call to action to book. Part of this experience was accomplished through commissioning quality photography to allow users to appreciate the staple quality Mansley had become identified with. Using the latest coding standards the site was then re-engineered with added features such as a new booking system, map search and helpful, detailed information on each location to allow users a pleasant, intuitive booking experience.

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The Outcome

Mansley felt the new identity website was truly transformational, surpassing expectations and giving them a solid platform for future growth.

Working with Sibbald Digital was an extremely positive experience. The result has transformed our digital branding, with a website that’s beautiful, intuitive and highly effective.

Colin Stone
Chief Operating Officer

Ongoing Relationship

Clive Dlima, Head of Sales and Marketing has been our ongoing contact after we launched the site. We’ve worked with him to update the site with new content and keep on top of new offers that Mansley have been promoting.

Mansley, being in the hospitality industry have obviously taken a hard hit over the last two years with the coronavirus pandemic. As such we’ve done our best to support Mansley throughout this period that has hit the industry hard. We now look forward to helping them transition into full operational sales and marketing cycling again and getting back up to capacity of the years before the pandemic.

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Sibbald Digital have been a real joy to work with throughout our co-operation. Both Craig and Tam are positively reactive when a challenge arises and are quick to respond with a solution and to deploy the fix. They also bring great value to our process and strategy with innovative ideas and insights when working on new projects. I absolutely enjoy working with Sibbald Digital and can rely on them when I know I need the support. Highly recommended!

Clive Dlima
Head of Sales and Marketing

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