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Boiler Tool

Traditional trades such as electricians and plumbers routinely operate manually, working from pen and paper. As the company grows, the manual processes no longer work for the business needs and it requires labour resources or innovation to manage. Although the industry is still highly traditional, more and more companies are looking to digital technology to automate processes and remove some of the labour-intensive tasks.

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The Challenge

A leading Edinburgh based plumbing and heating engineering company, Celsius, came to Sibbald Digital with a challenge: how to put the boiler quoting, booking, and payment process at the fingertips of their customers to allow for efficiencies on both ends. Too much time was spent in a week actioning boiler quote requests impacting the productivity levels of the business. Where these prospective quotes were not converted, the time was lost, costing the client.


With a bespoke digital tool created to replace previously manual processes, customers could access information about the services they want, quotes, scheduling work orders, and payments online in real time. This would enable the customer to access everything they need at any time without waiting for a face-to-face consultation, and for the client, it eliminates countless hours spent on manually processing callout requests thus allowing more time spent out on the job increasing revenue and new sales opportunities. Further, it eliminates human error and the need for corrections, providing huge time savings on administrative tasks.

The Project

The team were excited to take on this project due to the clear benefits it would offer and the opportunity to work with a respected client to pioneer digital tech in such a traditional industry. The tool could be a game changer amongst the trades, allowing businesses to get on with the most important tasks, completing jobs and generating revenue. To be at the forefront of that development was a stimulating prospect.

Firstly, we needed to determine what was needed to automate the customer journey and streamline the administrative tasks carried out by the client. From here, our technical team could shape how the boiler tool would look and operate. Each step was mapped out with milestones so that client expectations were managed and meaningful progress could be made.

During the first phase of the product, we had to work closely with Celsius to gain an understanding of their craft. That meant how to determine what input displayed what boiler, how many rooms required servicing, the differences between combi boilers and heat only and their sub-requirements. Once the team understood the details, they could begin to develop the process behind the tool. The customer would have to navigate through this process and it would then produce options for them to choose from, including installation date and prices.

With customer service at the forefront of the client’s attention, the tool not only had to work for the client but the end user experience also had to be intuitive. The tool was tested at every stage, and regular communication with the client meant the features could be whittled down to exactly what was required so that the prospective customer could move through the tool easily.

Once this was established the team moved onto the next phase: integrating a finance tool. This had to connect to Vendigo to offer payment options, which required re-architecting and mirroring of the API calculation so that finance figures could display accurately. The integration of such a feature provided extended financing capabilities to customers, such as payment plans.

Screenshot of Booking Schedule

Screenshot of Payment Options Screen

The tool is now live on the client’s website and they are continuing to work with the Sibbald Digital team to enhance existing capabilities and develop further features. It has also been endorsed by 12 letting agents within Edinburgh, attesting to its success.

Client Feedback

Working with Sibbald Digital is a breath of fresh air. We like their structured approach and how they developed a deep understanding of our business which allowed us to grow based on the tools Sibbald Digital have developed for us.

Michael Cairns

Managing Director

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