Everyone knows who HP are; they're one of the biggest companies in the world. We have worked with their UK sales teams and with their Glasgow office in developing internal systems to enable sales teams.

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The Brief

While we’ve done countless projects for HP, we’ll focus on the most recent. HP asked us to create an application that could administer data provided to them from a lead generation service. Their existing system was a poorly organised excel spreadsheet that was split among each sales person. This meant that there was fragmentation of data and every person tracked their performance in a different way.

Our job was to come up with a way of taking their data and standardising the way that performance was tracked and make it centrally administrable. We created Creative Pro CRM. This was a custom solution that HP was happy with as it had to integrate with a number of internal systems, as such an off-the-shelf product was not an option.

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Our Solution

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve developed many sales tools for HP, these include; a tool that measures the consumption of inefficient printers and demonstrates the cost savings for Multi Function Devices (printer, scanner, copier, fax, etc all in one), a tool that HP used to provide graphs based on data they had gathered and apply complex formulas to the data, and a CRM system called Creative Pro.

Creative Pro CRM allowed a sales team in Glasgow to bring in a database of leads of professionals that would benefit from a creative package of hardware and software that HP wanted to offer to the market, and follow up on the leads while recording the outcome for each lead. The data created from the activity of the sales team was then fed into an insights page that displayed how effective both the team and the lead data was.

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The Outcome

The Creative Pro CRM tool we created empowered the HP sales team to make more revenue for the company due to proper and complete data organisation and performance tracking. We’re very happy with our solution to the problem and it provided a lot of value in terms of both money brought into the company and ease of use for the staff.

I've worked with the team at Sibbald Digital for over 10 years, over that time we've developed some very useful tools for HP, Kodak and Veritas. I've found working closely with them to be easy and their expertise on these projects has allowed our ideas come to life. We've had a long working relationship with them and appreciate the technical knowledge and understanding that comes from engaging in a development project with them.

Douglas Jeffrey
Chairman - Consenna

Ongoing Relationship

Working with HP has lead to projects with Kodak, BT, Microsoft and Veritas. We’ve had a long standing relationship and appreciate the trust that has been provided to us. Our goal as a company is to foster long term relationships like this rather than a large turnover of clients, HP is the yardstick in which all other clients are measured in terms of our dedication to the job.

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