North British Distillery

North British Distillery has been a client of ours for over 6 years. We've done a number of projects for them and they have counted on us for digital transformation projects and technical expertise.

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The Brief

We’ve completed and maintained two major projects for North British Distillery, The Vibe and OWL.

The Vibe started off as a small project that was to be used to display notices from management to the staff, both on on their work computers but also displayed on big screens mounted throughout the Distillery. It has since grown and we have recreated more features throughout the years based on its wider use cases and popularity growth within the company.

OWL (Online Workplace Learning) was created to solve a problem of having a centralised place for all training and record keeping of employees that have completed the training for management and auditors. The previous solution was 2 separate pieces of software that didn’t cover all the needs of the distillery, were outdated and no longer being maintained. OWL was the project created to fix these problems.

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Our Solution

The Vibe is the internal intranet that is used by North British Distillery as a central hub for all company wide communication and resource finding for all employees across two distillery sites across Scotland. We have maintained and built the system many times over 6 years as its evolved and needed more and more functionality as its proven more popular within the company.

Our latest iteration provided a full CMS system and a portal builder that allows the editors of The Vibe to create subject specific content all within a portal, with full customisation features. For instance, they have a Well Being Portal that contains health and support information for their employees, including information on sleep, mental wellbeing, dealing with stress and other support. Wanting to provide this content shows how much NBD care about their staff and we just provided the technical solution that gave them the ability to provide this to the people that work there.

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The Outcome

The OWL was created in tandem with the HR staff at NBD, as they were the department that was in charge of creating the assessments that would determine if the staff were compliant with the health and safety procedures. We created a tool that allowed the HR team to create assessments and determine the pass critera. The system would also keep records on who tool the assessments, how many times they attempted it, when they last passed their assessment etc.

We then collated all this information and displayed it in a manner that allowed any external auditors to view everything relevant so that they may have the information they required in an instant instead of having to sift through mountains of paperwork. We considered this a great acheivement, as any time we can replace paper with a digital system, we’re happy.

The North British Distillery have been working with Sibbald digital to create our company Intranet website. The developed website has enhanced the digital communications across the company and overall exceeded expectations of all stakeholders. The I.T team found working with Sibbald Digital a positive experience and would work with them again in the future as they fully met our service requirements through collaboration with key stakeholders and delivered the project on time and within budget.

Gary Donaldson
IT Manager

Ongoing Relationship

Gemma Adair has been our main contact at North British, especially in terms of The Vibe. She maintains the system and we’ve managed to recently create a new iteration of the Vibe with far more control and ability to create custom portals for organising information that is important for the Distillery staff to see.

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