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North British Distillery

The Vibe Internal Intranet

North British Distillery have worked with Sibbald Digital for over 6 years. Since its inception in 1885, it has remained a very traditional business, and over the past few years Sibbald Digital have been working with them to transform their digital presence internally.

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The Challenge

The client had previously no internal digital presence whatsoever, so the challenge for Sibbald Digital was to introduce that through digital signage and the development of an internal intranet. For as large a company as North British Distillery, messages can be missed or there can be uncertainty on where to go for specific resources. Therefore, they can benefit from a centralised platform that links to all other company software so that employees can easily access key information.


Sibbald Digital developed an internal intranet, named the ‘Vibe’, which could be utilised for the management of the distillery to communicate with around 500 employees across the two sites. By having an internal intranet, it has significantly enhanced the digital communications across the company. Within the intranet, employees can now access information with ease, from notices, bank holidays, stock options, payslips, and so on.

The Project

The team worked closely with a few key team members at North British Distillery to build the intranet from the ground up, so it suits their needs exactly and so they could control and create from within the business.

After the first iteration of the portal was created, we began work on providing more customisation from within the Vibe. This involved the creation of custom portals so that it would organise information into specific categories. Those we began with were Health & Safety, Employee Wellbeing, and HR. Clicking into these individual portals provides resources specific to that portal, and further capabilities, for example, within HR, employees are able to book annual leave and view payslips.

Screenshot of Booking Schedule

Screenshot of Payment Options Screen

With this development, it has allowed management to communicate messages more effectively and employees to access that information and more as they are being delivered. In one month, the portal reported over 900 users, proving that it has added value to the daily running of North British Distillery.

Sibbald Digital have been maintaining the Vibe since its inception and continue to work closely with North British Distillery on all of their digital projects.

Client Feedback

The North British Distillery have been working with Sibbald digital to create our company Intranet website. The developed website has enhanced the digital communications across the company and overall exceeded expectations of all stakeholders. The I.T team found working with Sibbald Digital a positive experience and would work with them again in the future as they fully met our service requirements through collaboration with key stakeholders and delivered the project on time and within budget.

Gary Donaldson

IT Manager

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